The Venecia Group was established in 1953 by its President, José B. Rodríguez Figueira, who had the vision of identifying a business opportunity at the Maracaibo Port, in Zulia State, originated by the growing demand for food and supplies from the ships that arrived to that port. It was named Venecia Maracaibo. In 1972 and under the new name of Venecia Ship Suppliers (VEPUCA), operations are moved to Puerto Cabello Port, which was a broad expansion at that time. In a short period of time and with enough capital and experience accumulated an opportunity appeared to diversify the range of services offered and Venecia Ship Services (VESCA) was created in 1974, with the goal of tending specifically to those services related with the towing and salvaging ships activities.

In 1977 MARVECA Company is created, also as a family business, which included shipping agencies, customs agents and boat services. The main office is located in Puerto Cabello Port and is very well connected throughout the Venezuelan coast. The Company complements the other parts of the group and there is a maritime connection throughout it. Within the scope of activities MARVECA covers, there are many opportunities in the maritime related businesses. These are channeled towards those companies that are best qualified to attend each business.

Our Clientes:
Currently, our clients are mostly oil-tanker ships, chemical-tanker ships and general cargo ships in a lesser degree.

Our Personnel:
The Company personnel are formed largely by professionals related with the area, which form a highly qualified work team.


Provide the services of Tugs, Barges and Salvage equipments at the ports, oil terminals and the shipping sector in general, in lieu with the lawful procedures, the excellence of our people and vessels equipped with new technology, guaranteen the continuous growing of the organization and the necessary profitability in perfect harmony with the environment, our principles and values.


Our company, pioneer in Venezuela and with more than thirty years of experience, we are committed to continue being leaders in the Tugs, Barges and Salvage equipments, also in the development of the off-shore terminal services, with the support of a qualified personnel and projected to the international market, based on the quality of the services and the competitivity of our prices.


In Venecia Ship Services, C.A. (VESCA) company which provides services of Tugs, Barges and Salvage equipment at the ports, oil terminals and in general to the Maritime community, we are committed in achieving the satisfaction of our Clients. This is only possible by means of complying the stablished procedures and with the feedback obtained from our clients, suppliers and personnel, we can dictate the procedures to ensure the success of the continuous improvement, assuring the best technology and time response, guaranteen a first quality service, as a basic fundament to reach the excellence.